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Our pricing plans are structured to encompass a broad range of business needs. We do acknowledge however, your business may have requirements our standard plans do not cover. We welcome new clients and will work with you to successfully achieve your goals.

landGroup services are comprehensive and in some cases, pricing is dependent on the project scope definition. Request a quote or review our standard plans:

Design and Development

landGroup design and development plans are structured to address diverse business requirements and budgets.

To view a few examples, explore our Template and Custom Design samples or visit our functional Demo sites.

We appreciate our plans may not meet all business needs and will be pleased to discuss alternatives. Contact us by phone (914) 769-0231 or email for individual pricing.

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Web Site Maintenance

Change is inevitable. Selecting one of our maintenance plans will ensure your website remains current as your business expands, adds new products and services or moves to a different location.

Encourage your customers to return often by providing new and interesting content. landGroup has the expertise to efficiently modify or enhance existing websites. Contact us by phone (914) 769-0231 or email for information.

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Specialty Services

Application Development, Legal Services, QA Testing and Load Analysis can have a significant cost variation depending on the requirement(s). Although each service has its own respective pricing structure, standard pricing plans would not correctly reflect costs.

Contact us by phone (914) 769-0231 or email to discuss how landGroup's special services can improve your online business.

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